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Mumble RPMs - News & Updates

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  • Probably obvious but Mumble RPMs are no longer updated or maintained


  • Added To the Moon Minisode 2 RPM (32/64bit)
  • Added To the Moon Minisode 1 RPM (32/64bit)
  • Moved Toast Time to the "Can't Package" list
  • Moved Ironclad Tactics to the "Can't Package" list
  • Added Titan Attacks! RPM (32/64bit)
  • Added The Inner World RPM (noarch)
  • Added Tetrobot and Co RPM (32bit)


  • Added Solar Flux RPM (32bit)


  • Updated Amnesia: The Dark Descent to latest binary release
  • Updated Prison Architect to latest binary release


  • Updated Race The Sun to latest binary release

For news from 2011 to 2014, please see the Older News Page

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