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Dynamite Jack (32bit)


  • For troubleshooting, see the FAQs
  • You should already have your build environment setup, as described here
  • You require the original game package called: dynamitejack-1.0.23.tgz
  • You should uninstall the game if it's already installed
  • All commands should be run as the same user that created the build environment, unless otherwise stated

Creating the RPM

• Verify you have the correct original package by using md5sum:
md5sum dynamitejack-1.0.23.tgz
The number produced should match this, if it doesn't then the build may fail.
72eeb2829c98c16c308d13d54144515e  dynamitejack-1.0.23.tgz
• Copy the original package to your ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES directory, for example:
cp dynamitejack-1.0.23.tgz ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES
• Download the following 'nosrc' RPM using your browser (or wget if you prefer): dynamite-jack-1.0.23-3.nosrc.rpm

• Change to the directory where the 'nosrc' RPM has been saved and type ONE of the following:

If you have a 32bit (i686) operating system:

rpmbuild --rebuild dynamite-jack-1.0.23-3.nosrc.rpm
If you have a 64bit (x86_64) operating system:
i386 rpmbuild --rebuild --target=i686 dynamite-jack-1.0.23-3.nosrc.rpm

• If all is successful, the binary RPM will be created in ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/i686/ Use yum (as root) to install the RPM as it will resolve any dependencies for you. For example:

yum -y install myhomespace/rpmbuild/RPMS/i686/dynamite-jack-1.0.23-3.i686.rpm

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