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Fedora 19/20 RPMs for Linux Humble Bundle Games

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About Mumble RPMs for Fedora 19/20

Mumble RPMs are a set of Fedora RPM packages for Linux Games sold as part of the Humble Bundles. The Humble Bundles are an excellent idea, however the Linux versions of the games are not always distributed in a cohesive format. This leads to difficulty in getting them to work. Sometimes libraries are missing, sometimes they lack an installer etc.

Mumble RPMs tries to solve this for you, by doing all the hard work and producing an easily installable RPM. This is achieved by using 'nosrc' RPMs (see the FAQ). The 'nosrc' RPM, in combination with your original software package is used to build a normal binary RPM which can be installed like any other. In order to make use of Mumble RPMs, you must own the original game. You should also be reasonably comfortable with the command line.

Why use Mumble RPMs? Well, that's up to you, but here's some of my reasons:

  • You care about a sane system and good package management
  • RPM is the standard package format in Fedora and is familiar to most users. Install all the games using the same format rather than a myriad of differing installers
  • The RPMs have dependency tracking. Installing the RPM (via yum), installs any dependencies the game needs
  • The RPMs can be easily uninstalled or upgraded
  • The game is installed system wide and is available for all users.
  • The game contains an entry, complete with icon, in the desktop menu
  • Where practical the Mumble RPMs use the native system libraries.
  • Mumble RPMs do not pollute the system library directories with bundled libraries
  • If the game needs a 'fix' to run and it can be integrated it into the RPM, it is.

Please understand, that whilst every effort is made to ensure the RPMs work correctly, it is impossible to test every single aspect of every game. Therefore we request that you DO NOT submit bug reports to the game developers or Humble Bundle, unless you can reproduce that bug with the original installer. If you cannot reproduce that bug with the original installer, let us know!

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